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– Happy Halloween!

– Fixed a regression where players did not fade to black after death with mp_forcecamera 1.
– Added ability to accept friend requests from CS:GO main menu and to send friend requests from match scoreboard.
– Fixed a case where player would sometimes not be placed in competitive matchmaking queue correctly on the very first search after starting up CS:GO which required stopping search and searching again....
It's been a while since I wrote an article, today chief admin macadada was busy installing more than 30 maps on our zombie escape server. Please inform me about any problem related to the new maps . Below is a list of maps installed on the server:
ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_8-Just updated the map version
ze_gris_a5_2-Just updated the map version
Article Nuke is back!
csgo_nuke.0.0 (1).jpg
A new event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dubbed Operation Wildfire adds a pair of campaigns that feature more than 50 missions, new weapons and skins, and the return of a classic Counter-Strike map: Nuke.

Operation Wildfire runs until June 17 and highlights seven community-made maps, in...
– Operation Wildfire is LIVE: CS:GO - Operation Wildfire
— Seven community maps available in Competitive Matchmaking as well as other game modes via the Operation Wildfire map group
– The Operation Wildfire Access Pass ($5.99) is now available giving access to the following features:
— The Operation Wildfire coin, upgradeable through the completion of challenge...
Another update has been made on the zombie escape server. New VIP models are available now on the server. Check them out with the !zclass chat command or see attached gallery.
2016-02-10_00002.jpg 2016-02-10_00003.jpg 2016-02-10_00005.jpg
Werewolf VIP zombie skin has been updated with the new community name gamersunitedclan.com
In the near feature more VIP skins will be available vor VIPs