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    Zombie Escape Map list

    Divel* put this ze_shroomforest2_p6 at daily beaten maps near pirates port :D
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    His ban should be longer than permanent :D
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    Suggestion for skins

    Its better to have a costum knife rather than hands
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    Helper Application

    +1 from me. i think he will be a good helper
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    Please unban me I like the server

    you got banned for only 60 mins(you were lucky with only 60 mins for what you did there)
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    no no no, i cant accept this(but i hope you still playing on the server?)
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    Helper application

    You have my vote(but try to meow less)
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    You know why more people play on the servers and not official cs go servers? Because we have cheap costumization and that brings players. Without skins or store the server will die slowly. Take as example the !ws command that marius removed a few days ago... a lot of people asked where is...
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    Reapplying for membership

    Now we can be 2 detectives to send jerry to jail :D
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    Urgent admin meeting

    I'll be there
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    Who is the Original Бананчики

    Jerry you are not allowed to vote
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    Helper access

    You have my vote if you say that Jerry is GAY!
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    Admun application

    Meow more and i say yes for you <3
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    Spanch Pop | Helper Application

    You need to spend more hours on the server and prove that you can be helper because i've seen you only 2 times
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    Admin application

    Wow so nub. He is already admin :D