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    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    besides if you had any udea it would have become a problem you shouldnt of talked about it
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    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    As a admin I know these people I wouldn't taje this too to heart as i was ebanned for 2 hours for using holy wrong but I never complained honestly take it as a pinch of salt
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    I'm away for a while

    free 2 play experience meta people said that from day 1 it was gonna ruin the server
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    Helper access

    yes from an asian brother
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    Admun application

    yes my asian brother
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    Admun application

    Fuck yes taking that it comea from a UK player
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    meyestros helper application

    yes from me maestro found your real game name
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    People's Attitude

    ayyye u baguettes lets just chill and do it the old brit way Fast and Hard like ferdi why u coming fast
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    Flarp's Helper Aplication

    yes from me we need more uk admins too many baguette admins
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    DEVIL | Helper Application

    yes from me
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    can i say good job on the map but i think people will struggle as people dont listen
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    Helper application

    +1 from mw
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    wish we could do it on the server but having 64 players on the coop map would be aids
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    Christmas Event?

    guys either way im getting those headshot kills