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    problem plugins

    ok i see why. good luck
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    problem plugins

    Hello Since yesterday i noticed for the plugins (store, info HP boss , etc) BROKEN .. please fix? thanks
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    not in use anymore

    Missing map maps\ze_hsc_a4_q2_1.bsp, disconnecting need to fix your fastdl thanks
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    Accepted New member Schwarz

    Nickname : Schwarz Steam_ID : STEAM_0:1:14096649 Age : 26 Country : France How long you've been playing on our server : Since one year (maybe more) , i was inactive , now i m back Are you interested in helping to develop the community : Of course i do Do you have knowledge in...
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    Not yet , i m just looking . Because the page donate VIP , missed about this . right Thanks for this anwser
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    hello i m just asking it about the immunity join of server ZE when it s full . use 'connect IP' in console , it ll allow only for VIP ? my suggestion : why not add it for new benefits for VIP.. thanks