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    you can even choose a skin from css or gta V but they need to be ported to cs go . So what i mean you need to find a guy to port the skin for you .
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    Remove this trash VIP asap

    Think about it the owner is spending money for the server to keep up of course there will be not a lot free skins he needs to get some money back you know . Think about it F2P games have P2W shit or Store to buy skins in there. In P2P you pay like 50+ euros and you can get all the shit. If you...
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    Vote for next event map

    nice finally no solo maps
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    head-admin application

    literally senior admin or guc legend can do just make a threat for time see how many people will come. I dont know why head admin is so important for me its just exacly like senior admin . Just think about it everything head admin can do literally you can do the same thing .
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    Suggestion : Demo Recorder

    i remember that we had this kind of program long time ago. The server was laggy and unplayable . We removed it becouse it takes a lot of cpu .
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    Map suggestions

    i dont know if we have this map in the server but still i post
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    LOL wild really dude. Some people like myself dont want to make another steam acc to play in a server its funny. I dont want him cuz he is a good player from my prespection he is a dicent player. I want him cuz we had good laugh with him yes i agree that he was toxic and shit but the thing is he...
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    We need our saviour back <3
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    well i dont see dark souls sam and evernight in the nom list
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    can we bring some maps back??? Like ze_S_A_M_v1_4 ; Dark souls ; Luck_Matters ; ze_evernight_a3_4 ??
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    Please unban me I like the server

    its not for 60 mins its for 2 days and 12 h . Probably the admin who banned you see this threat and he or the owner to decide for removing your ban. I will tell you from my prespection what will happend you know that glich existed you know that you will kill players cuz of that so they might not...
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    unban FloriaNNN =D.

    Floria you are so funny dude xDDDDDD. You made my day xDDDD.
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    newest version of ridorana and necromanteion
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    Map suggestions

    new version of ze_monochrome the version that we have rn in the server is bugged.This one is ok i suggest to remove v1a and to put v1d.