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    staff read

    Bring wxyz back, the server just isn't the same without him. Yesterday on tyranny could have been an easy win with him leading.
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    Please delete ff series map

    Nah it was yesterday on mako reactor when it was forced changed to draco. I don't agree with it being forced but apparently we were losing players and that matters more than a fair vote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Resignation, Im Done.

    You're a great admin dude and have done a lot for this server and its unfortunate to see you resign but i understand your decision.
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    Map suggestions

    Updated version of tyranny thanks demon <3
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    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    If you misuse an item it could be considered griefing you should have been warned, i don't remember if you were warned or people told how to use it, if you were not warned, people didn't help you and it just went to straight Eban then it was the admin at fault. But from my understanding it...
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    Helper application

    Nice guy, helps out on the server and is very active. Vector approves!
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    People's Attitude

    +1 for devils idea of moving extend to 4