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    head-admin application

    Yeah but i don't think anyone will have a problem if bigmo became head admin, its more of a title change than a promotion really. If people really do disagree with good reason we can scrap the whole idea, but i seriously doubt people will complain.
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    head-admin application

    I think it would be nice to have a bit more structure and hierarchy in the admin team, if we ever decide to change a rule in the future we should at least have a head admin do it. Plus I don't really see a downside to having 1 definitive head admin who can help lead and teach other admins.
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    Hugando Helper

    +1 big bruh
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    Zandugugu for helper.

    +1 bruh
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    Admin Application

    +1 Super active on the server when the EU admins are sleeping. Friendly, mutes spammers and doesn't abuse. I don't see why he shouldn't be admin :grinning:
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    Zombie Escape Map suggestions

    Yeah we have this map but we never play it because guc....
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    +1 we need this god back on the server
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    #Bringback Pizzatime

    +1 All rise for the national anthem of italy
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    Suggestion for skins

    The hand models dont work with the knife and gloves, people prefer having a knife and gloves. We used to have the hand models but people asked for the knife plugin.
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    Helper Application

    +1 very active and nice to players
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    the bruh isnt loud enough
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    Vote for next event map

    tbh grove isnt that hard, we could probably do it if we played it for a couple of days
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    OMG i love these!
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    Zombie Escape Map list

    Some of these maps are beaten like monochrome, chaos, touhou, clara, draco. I could try to find some screenshots if you want