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    Hugando Helper

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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    i know i'm a bit inactive but for me +1
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    HELPER aplication

    good job it took you 3 tries to use the right format. You are not taking it seriously, you are not even taking time to use the right format. In my opinion, this is lazy work and you don't deserve to be a helper.
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    Zombie Escape Map suggestions

    bug fixes
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    unban FloriaNNN =D.

    euh, english pls It doesn't mean that i played on a romanian sv that i speak it...
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    unban FloriaNNN =D.

    We played together on the same community over a year ago (2unlimited). I was an admin over there and I know your name and that is most of the times, not a good sign. We banned you over there too I don't remember the reason but a friend of mine says that you scammed over there. You got banned for...
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    Yesterday we played ugeoran on the server. There were many bugs in the map. I think I fixed them all but I'm not sure. I fixed the elevator were a lot of people died. The tp bug were zm were in front of us. Did you notice any more bugs or things I should fix? Thank you.
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    Vector Helper Request

    for me no. I still need a place when i come back...
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    Zombie Escape Map suggestions

    now it's in hdr
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    I said, "my opinion" for a reason... the reason why I'm saying "remove skins" is to have a better performance. I had a shit pc before this (20 fps with playing on !hide + !stopsounds) I almost couldn't play (it was close), on gfl I had 25 fps (they don't have store what is like 500+MB, what is a...
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    well, tazed is right, in my opinion, we have too many anime skins. Some like them others not, it also take some space on the server and some players have performance issues. In my opinion, we should delete every skin and everyone plays with the default skin, except VIP diamond. We can also add...
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    Zombie Escape Map suggestions

    the 2nd version of misaka:
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    Zombie Escape I donated 4 euro for vip

    normally it's 100k
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    1: on my previous community we had also push problems (also 64 tick), the push was way too strong. I talked to an owner of an other sv and he told me that you can solve that with a simple command. "mp_teammates_are_enemies 0" in cfg/sourcemod/sourcemod.cfg. idk if this still works but you can...
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    Admun application

    ofc you have a yes from me