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  1. U_mad?

    Admin Application

    +1 awesome guy, prepare to be a nice admin and take my AK lol
  2. U_mad?

    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    meatatarian welcomes you Mr.viande
  3. U_mad?

    #Bringback Pizzatime

    Masochistic love this map at least haha maybe do a voting for this map?
  4. U_mad?

    #Bringback Pizzatime

    +1 every time i heard pizza music of say sounds , i can't control myself to go have a pizza:Kappa
  5. U_mad?

    Jerry eggplant

    Maybe some problem with skin mods I guess
  6. U_mad?

    Suggestion for skins

    same suggestion here XD
  7. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    parce-que tu es noob Marmelo 4Head
  8. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    danm!! Fezy got solo win. :PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp::PogChamp:
  9. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    l 'm not sure about Grumpi cuz he is kind of low profile for me :Kappa let's monitor him next time:PogChamp::PogChamp:
  10. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    nice guy in sever and also active recently.but i don't know whether you have played for 100 hours
  11. U_mad?

    Helper Application

  12. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    I am groot!
  13. U_mad?

    Helper Application

    U_rnad? STEAM_0:0:80017251 Age: almost 25 Country: Taiwan For how long are you playing Zombie Escape? since one day in March 2019 What do you think about the community? There are so many awesome guys in this serve. When first coming here, i was impressed by surrounding feeling. and...
  14. U_mad?


    need Marshy Meowing sounds (feat.Lucy)
  15. U_mad?

    Membership Application

    U_mad? STEAM_0:0:80017251 Age: 24 Country: Taiwan How long you've been playing on our server: since 2019 March Are you interested in helping to develop the community: yes yes yes Do you have knowledge in sourcepawn/sourcemod/photoshop/mapping/developing or manage forums? MS paint haha Are you...