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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    about maps we cant do anything.... only mappers can fix their maps! Lasers on sahook were fine for me ( i died)
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    Zombie Escape I donated 4 euro for vip

    Owner of the server (Marius ) will give you the access as soon as he sees your donation.... don't worry
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    As the title says we have already enough of helpers who are active.... Applications are not closed forever, they will reopen when we will need some new helpers or people who would like to apply for helper access. Current helpers can apply for admin rank if they feel like they deserve it......
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    Helper application

    Didn't I say that applications are closed? We have too many of them....
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    Dude i saw you saying rtv this shit map once.... so i won't say anything else
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    Membership request

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    Membership Application

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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    about 4 i can put it in the forum rule post as an actual rule but if players are hiding - its a slay... why delay round ? if there are 5 or less people trying to win its a slay... unless in maps like chapter (stage 2 ) it is possible to win it even with 3 "GOOD " players who have binds to rebuy...
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    Map suggestions misaka got update eyes got update : omen got update :
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    Map suggestions

    i am working on this map after i finish my new cancer map and draco. I have original map file for it + extra 4th stage that mapper didnt finish.... Trust me this map will be a banger.... Just gotta start working on it soon
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    Map suggestions

    ill upload some of these maps to the test server today so if anyone wants to join , you are welcome too
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    Helper access

    i give you yes, since you are active nowadays and record videos on our server.... BUT thats the last application for this winter guys! we have too many people applying and not joining often ! will need to review current admin /helper team as smexy suggested
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    Mappers define push for their maps , I don't see any difference from test sv and main one
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    Push on Draco is fine.... I won't change it... you can't apply push settings only to one specific map.... unless you do stripper config but why would you? Buy Kevlar and you are good! Be happy that I didn't ban Kevlar on my map;)
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    Map suggestions

    ruin in chaos got update : serpentis got update : malgo got update Omen got update :
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    crash on atos_v1 , not sure why..... stage 3
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    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    knife bug happend on couple of maps like mist, wanders... Also there was a glitch where zombie was wearing default human skin...... ( happend couple of times actually , so slay was needed )
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    Map suggestions in hdr compiled + bug fixes atos got update : ardeca got update too:
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    Admun application

    +1 from me too , no reason to say why )