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  1. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    1. atos should be replaced by version before the last one (GFL 2 days ago we played old version bcs the last need to be fixed) 2. at sahok i stay back and lasser didnt reach to me
  2. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    ze_surf_sahok last lassers on this map are broken, dont kill anyone, need to fix --- also, ze_atos_v1_3 (latest version) lvl 1 n lvl 2, ramp is broken --- rush b also is not pached --- attention please.
  3. its_wxyz

    I'm away for a while

    well i can say i saw a server that when i go there i mute fucking alot of ppl, even they have 2 leader at same time intrupting each other : ))))) wtf... and yes we have some toxic players, from today i just mute + gag them when they are on rage mode, i dont care if they stay on server or leave.
  4. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    For now, im sure push or pull are so strong on this 2 maps: westersand mist and 1 other thing: this is my second time reporting, rush_b_v1_4 its not patched, so fix or delete the map
  5. its_wxyz

    Map suggestions

    update on ze_onahole_v3_3_3.bsp
  6. its_wxyz

    Event GUC Event No.12

    hi i will participate :)
  7. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    The reason is, most ppl will chose option number 4. but when i see more ppl want to extend map, but really dont know what to do. i ask them a question like this? Should_we_extend_map_15_minutes? 1. Yes,please 2. Nooooo Both times i did it i get more than 60 % Voted yes, and server was ok...
  8. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    ok marius, i got my answer, if we have a chance to beat more lvls or the map and we didnt lose so many players, we make a vote and if players agree to extend like 60 % of players, we make 15 minutes extend
  9. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    Marius when viktorski was here, if we make a vote for extend, we should get more than 75 % yes (votes for extend) we should still stay 75 % or just 60 % is good?
  10. its_wxyz

    VIRTUS Pica - Helper application

    oh yea i remember you, welcome back noob :p p.s: vesso what i think is, if you back and active you have your old access. (access = activity + trust)
  11. its_wxyz

    EVENT No. 13

    last chapter
  12. its_wxyz

    EVENT No. 12 next saturday (september 15th )

    Marius how much euro server (host) need every month?
  13. its_wxyz

    Admin / Helpers - removed from their duty

    viktor i like you so much, and i learn alot from you, but this post even a prank was not good. admins like bigmo or jerry!!! will be removed or downgrade!!! this admins worked here alot, they put their life and money here... i mean mostly 70 % off this admins you named must be LEGENDS and...
  14. its_wxyz

    New head admin thread i guess

    thanks for your trust, but as you see me now, i really dont have the the time for this job, its huge responsibility for who thake this. i think the person who got head admin must be 10 hr per day activity and watch server, manage it, every thing... i like to help server, but im in a tricky...
  15. its_wxyz

    Thank you for everything

    My dear friend viktorski, i never forget my old time as admin was nervous but when i had problems you always be on my side and listen to my words. you are a really close friend to me and i think to alot of other players here. You did alot for this server, for the people even when i know you...
  16. its_wxyz

    New head admin thread i guess

    if there will a vote for head admin job, i will give my vote to jerry and bigmo, old players, admins and responsible humans. but of course they need to be agree to become a head admin or not, its huge responsibility. and im gonna say thanks to viktorski, greatest head admin now and always.
  17. its_wxyz

    Halloween Event

    Hi the first one, playing with pistols its, Hmmmm, not so fun. i mean its Halloween Day!!! So i go with second idea, playing some fucking scary maps, or even give the zombies some more scary things (like making maps dark so human needs to turn on flash light, etc) just for Halloween Day would...
  18. its_wxyz

    New Event Map suggestion .

    lets try for fire temple.
  19. its_wxyz

    Helper application reminder

    Hi please Respect/Follow the Form: Nickname: Steam_ID: Age: Country: For how long are you playing Zombie Escape? - Answer What do you think about the community? - Answer Why do you want to become a Helper ? - Answer (Optional) Your favorite thing in this life ? - Answer