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    Helper Application

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    Christmas Event?

    who are you ?
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    Remove this trash VIP asap

    no problem, just it pisses me off kinda when people compare guc with other sv and saying something on guc is worse than on other sv ( while knowing( or not knowing ?) that guc cant do the same due to a number of reasons )
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    head-admin application

    so like you will give sv access to the head admin? because with old stuff that head admin had to do pretty much all other senior admins / legends could do except for events stuff
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    Remove this trash VIP asap

    well they have a foooooook ton of 55 - 64 spanish noobs 24/7 on the sv so i think they can allow it.... While guc has full server starting afternoon eastern time till late night > number slowly drops down , number of donations to support guc servers are not same as used to be but still...
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    Map suggestions new alien: maps ported by GP-10 so dont really know ( we can put maps on training sv first to test then main sv i guess)
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    Remove this trash VIP asap

    server wont die until there are people who play on it , big stuff happens with cs go , some decision that owner will make ) Buying VIP is also a big thing that keeps guc servers alive ( i heard its around 240 euro per month but its worth it ) I bet you dont wanna play on a sv that lags on...
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    (Not so) Newbie questions ^^

    you dont need to type anything... it will be automatic! Just make sure to type !viptime to check how many credits you need for next vip
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    (Not so) Newbie questions ^^

    VIP with credits difference is that you unlock more skins with higher level of VIP! VIP with real money has some cool perks for you and the time it is active for you depends on VIP you buy
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    (Not so) Newbie questions ^^

    if you get vip bronze with credits ( no real money) , you will have vip bronze as long as your credit amount doesnt go lower If you decide to buy vip with real money , you will have it for a certain amount of time ( depends on vip) there are no youtube guides to learn all maps.... There...
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    a problem with the server

    we gotta do something about it for sure.... just remove them from mapcycle txt for now atleast for 1 week and see how it goes
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    Vote for next event map

    no mina XD
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    Map suggestions

    Ancient wrath r4 is good port , no need for other ports I think
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    head-admin application

    Head admin was above senior admin before and only thing was different is that he had noclip access , now we have guc legend rank for all old admins and what not that gives noclip access! Do we really need head admin ? I am not sure , but we can give it a try
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    Suggestion : Demo Recorder

    what do you want more ? A stable server when its 60 + players or a laggy server ? It literally uses quite a lot of machine resources ( ram , cpu , gpu ) that could be used for example in getting lag free server when its 55 + ppl on a tryhard map with particles
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    Zandugugu for helper.

    BIG YES! since soon inactive admins/ helpers will be removed ( 2 of them for now ) you definitely need to be a helper! Good guy, often leads hard maps and is great guy in general... Will keep the server clean for sure
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    CSGO is free now........ (make other acc if you really want to play on guc , other times you were joining the server when there were 40+ people and a good map... ) I feel like a lot of people here want him to be unbanned just cuz they know him and that he is "good" player
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    Unban the legendary player aka Monsieur Viande or more crashes

    I'll ban him again if he gets unban! I really will.... he didn't even care to write a proper unban request and since it was Marius who banned him I'm not sure he will ever be unbanned! Even on training server he was cancer as fuck