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  1. Delta Yemeng

    Mrbam helper application

    +1 agree.
  2. Delta Yemeng

    Helper application

    Nickname: Delta_Yemeng Steam_ID: STEAM_0:0:156737113 Age: 18 Country: Estonia For how long are you playing Zombie Escape? I'm playing on zombie mod about 6 years if count cs1.6 and css. On csgo there are about 3 years. I caught myself thinking that csgo I have only for Zombie Mode. What do...
  3. Delta Yemeng

    Admin Application

  4. Delta Yemeng

    Helper Application

    +1 why not. Perhaps Its better than owner application
  5. Delta Yemeng

    Owner application

    It's extremely dangerous to give him that kind of privileges and on a place of the real owner, I would think 1 trillion times to give him owner access. Sometimes I prefer to bring analogies. For this situation in my opinion analogy in young nervous silly blonde girl was given a grenade or a...
  6. Delta Yemeng

    Can't infect humans with 1 knife hit

    I know your feelings
  7. Delta Yemeng

    General Zombie Escape Guide

    actually, I don't care
  8. Delta Yemeng

    General Zombie Escape Guide

    Good tutorial, but with a gun selection I'm not agree. It's all about personal performance and different situations require different types of weapons. Those guns, that you've recommended to use can be efficient, but not in all situations. For example on longer distances they're not so...
  9. Delta Yemeng

    Admin application

    +1 absolutely agree
  10. Delta Yemeng

    I need helperu powar!!11!!one!!

    +1 Somebody, please! Get this man an helper access
  11. Delta Yemeng

    a problem with the server

    I'm agree with your opinion, Demon. The gameplay gets boring on maps that are played over 9999 times. This maps cannot give anything new and appears wish to leave so idea with longer cooldown is great.
  12. Delta Yemeng

    Hugando Helper

    +1 HuGo! You have a great future as a helper. With that, you can become a good example for other helpers. Be brave and decisive, because only with that you can win and remember that only winners write history. You will not be defeated by zombies, not by what people say about you. You will be...
  13. Delta Yemeng

    Zandugugu for helper.

    +1 This guy is interesting person. I think he deserves this status. Good luck, Sandunguero! Satan will be with you, always.
  14. Delta Yemeng

    Map suggestions

    •Map name: ze_licciana_escape_zrgbr_b3 Map size: 36 mb •Download link: •Reasons for adding: 4 stages with different levels of difficulty, which require a good reaction and a team work skills from player.
  15. Delta Yemeng

    Membership application

    Nickname: Delta_Yemeng Steam_ID: STEAM_0:0:156737113 Age: 18 Country: Estonia How long you've been playing on our server: About 1 month Are you interested in helping to develop the community: Yes Do you have knowledge in sourcepawn/sourcemod/photoshop/mapping/developing or manage forums?: No Are...