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  1. Bigmobanana

    s0m3thing's 1st unban appeal

    oke fine, But no more insulting staff or anyone els or next ban win stay
  2. Bigmobanana

    server suggestion

    Here a suggestion Have a spring cleaning Remove all plugins and skins that are not needed. It not only give the server a fresh look but also removes the load on the server by quite a bit. For example remove the plugin that keeps giving tips about the vip, forum links ece. Skins remove the...
  3. Bigmobanana


    Nice post
  4. Bigmobanana


    There is no reason why we should have it. First have had it, removed it and put it back. Makes no sens. We did fine without it and i believe this bs of an item should be removed. It had no big on the wins we had anyway so tos that shit right in the toilet and medshot with it. (suggestion) Also...
  5. Bigmobanana

    >> Helper Application <<

    Never seen him, so its a no for me
  6. Bigmobanana

    Zombie Escape NEW SKINS 2020 FOR SHOP / VIP

    I want my octodad back:BibleThump
  7. Bigmobanana

    Please change.

    And am to lazy or am not online so rip
  8. Bigmobanana

    Please change.

    Hugo is right. Even mute and gag they have trouble with LOL
  9. Bigmobanana

    Zombie Escape Staff

    Guys those players are afk. When they come back and what there acces back they can have it back . So before you make a big drama. READ FIRST
  10. Bigmobanana

    Zombie Escape Staff

    who got removed?
  11. Bigmobanana

    Forum member application

    Welcome to our community
  12. Bigmobanana

    Helper application

    +1 for me great guy
  13. Bigmobanana

    Admin application

    Jerry stole my pic
  14. Bigmobanana

    a problem with the server

    i 100% agree with demon
  15. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

    this is not a application guys, i wanted just some questions anwserd
  16. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

  17. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

    no you guys are right. scratch the idea. Just keep thing how it is now :thumbsup:
  18. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

    hmmm, I can see that crunch. And i agree. The last time someone was headadmin, people wanted him gonne.
  19. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

    Head admin is above every other admin, that meens that he can host admin meetings, step in if admins are doing something wrong, have the final say about bans mutes and other stuff, can remove acces from other admins if they abuse, ....
  20. Bigmobanana

    head-admin application

    oke question. Do we need a head admin? Everyone can post on this thread, i want your opinions. If you say yes, please say why.