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  1. Its_Filipović

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    why remove anime skins if they are good for server? everyone likes anime skins... that's why its more profitable.... it is good for players and server.... no anime skins dead server.... and for some reason the !zclass lets us choose many anime skins and others but for a map... loved to get my...
  2. Its_Filipović

    Zombie Escape skins zclass

    So i know store doesnt have the skins to buy but it has !zclass command.... my problem is that i bought goku skin a few weeks ago (of course it is not available and i'm a bit frustatred for getting credits and buy it in vain)... ok not very upset cuz of goku skin but the part of zclass... i am...
  3. Its_Filipović

    Admin application

    +1 mate i have seen you lead but it would be great if you lead more, plus you do use your commands at night but try to use more times during the day
  4. Its_Filipović

    Admin application

    actually i have seen him using it but when there are no helpers/admins around.... when server is full i noticed that he doesn't use that much cuz there are others who are more quick and sometimes he leads... yes he doesn't use very often during the day but he 100% uses at night
  5. Its_Filipović

    staff read

    i believe this whole story was just a misunderstanding... you were stressed and said some things that you didn't want to... just like marius stressed a bit with the whole thing with the crashes and so on.... let's all calm down.... as my mom said a few months ago: the games that you play are the...
  6. Its_Filipović

    staff read

    i really liked what you did today mate, you lead a bit and talked and everything it is something i like in guc... leaders and fun people
  7. Its_Filipović

    Resignation, Im Done.

    agree but measures have been done... anyone who had #freewxyz as tag clan would get perma ban... i dide have the tag but i couldn't risk a ban as some have gotten... idk all of what happened but i was shocked and wxyz was leading very good since i came back last week... but idk what to say... i...
  8. Its_Filipović

    Resignation, Im Done.

    yeah it happens a lot the crash yes it's annoying but dont resign dude you're great at server
  9. Its_Filipović

    Report Viande for disrespect and continuous spam and moaning

    marius is there but idk if he gag or something.... his behaviour keeps getting worse.... he already had been reported and now again... thanks for your reply mate
  10. Its_Filipović

    Report Viande for disrespect and continuous spam and moaning

    Mounsier Viande STEAM_1:1:465751038 47:34 77 0 active 196608 reason: is mad cuz mako was removed, keeps disrespecting staff and insulting and keep spamming....
  11. Its_Filipović

    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    dude it's just for 10 minutes... you got lucky cuz 3 times in a row uisng bad items will get an hour or so... imagine in a hard map and everyone stressed then what? it would have been eban for more time... you are very lucky... normally guys get mute for 30 minutes or so for breaking rules and...
  12. Its_Filipović

    Unmute Monsieur viande

    this is what happens when no one serious is around the server.... no offense minixo.... i have seen you in the past doing a good job but i agree with harsh.... when i join and he is there server is 5 stars well at least when i was around..... idk what's going on with people being toxic right...
  13. Its_Filipović

    Admin Application

    yes from me for some reasons: from the time i have been active i saw you as a helper and you can lead and talk etc and for my point view since some admins quit their job and so on i think that having minixo as admin will be great for server and minixo is a great guy great leader and i believe in...
  14. Its_Filipović

    Unban AxelXXD

    he would get afk immedietly cuz of the system implanted which after a time if a zombie or human doesnt move he would be spec/afk automatically
  15. Its_Filipović


    it's true... kd sometimes does abuse a bit when calling us idiots and etc.... i once remember that he got muted at night by crunch cuz he was really being disrespectful.... some just go alongside kd and some don't.... i don't say anything cuz i don't want anyone to fight so yeah eyes pelled and...
  16. Its_Filipović

    Admin / Helpers - removed from their duty

    who says i suck on vik? some of you just got some rage cuz of something small.... you even said yourself that you dont enjoy playing anymore.... you and more staff members.... wild has been in here since the first day.... pica never heard from him again.... some of just gave up.... when y'all...
  17. Its_Filipović


    that's what i was saying to this idiot dimitri... he has a personal problem with vik cuz he got muted gagged banned whatever and now he starts to insult him for what? for doing his job? and even me? i was trying to reason with him calmly but he is so naive that even i have to insult him too...
  18. Its_Filipović


    and are you a retard or just playing it? dude just shut up and stop crying for a fucking mute/gag whatever! go insult your friends you fucking twat! you are really getting on my nerves you disrespectful piece of crap! don't make me be the guy of dark side! deal with it! god's sake make a report...
  19. Its_Filipović


    "talking in other peoples names is not what you have to do here" so you think what you do is right? ahahahah so you insult me and others and you still think you're right about it? learn about respect and yes you are a kid cuz you are imature and your best defense is insult lol i dont give a...