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    Each of us has the right to try and I believe that we should give each of us a chance and even if he turns out to be useless, he will be simply thrown out of the team and that's it. No problem. :emoji_thumbsup: +1 :emoji_thumbsup: It's true, but I think we can try anyway. This statistic...
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    Unfortunate eban

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    Nice to meet you all

    ... yes...
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    Word' staff apply

    You are welcome.
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    Word' staff apply

    I don't know you totally don't know who you are but you have mine +1
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    Denied The Detective 2.0 Senior Admun Application

    I will tell you only one, I don't honestly see the point of further attempts to apply because you will not succeed anyway, but you have my +1. Your role as admin is over and accept it.
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    Personal view on this situation.

    I understand your point of view, but the methods of silencing people should rather be improved :emoji_wink: I just joking, But seriously, I do not know what to answer you, I partially understand it but this is not the way HuGoボップ. Personally, I don't want you to be on blacklisted on this server...
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    Personal view on this situation.

    Please, HUGO, stop making this already complicated situation worse. Thanks to this type of behavior the situation only become worse that is why I ask you to stop this act like that. Unless it amuses you and you want the server to be in worse condition than it is today
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    Personal view on this situation.

    I understand you perfectly Delta Yemeng and agree with you, but I don't like such a forceful solution. Surely, something else can be done without such strong force intervention.
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    Staff report NoLifer

    What the fuck are you writing here, go to sleep better and don't write this stupid stuff here. As for the ads, get the fuck off and get the fuck out of here because this is not your place.
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    Staff report NoLifer

    I guess what mouse you bought is this Logitech G502 HERO (60 euro). It has a hyperscroll option but it is controlled by releasing the lock with a dedicated key. I know this mouse because it's good, that's why I use it myself, but I've never removed the wheel lock. Just use this basic mode and...
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    Staff report NoLifer

    ... or deleted... It's best to kill problems at the very beginning so that it doesn't grow to a greater rank and Dima will be still the same Dima anyway, nothing will change on this topic. After a bottle of good vodka, he should feel better.