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  1. its_wxyz

    I just want to ask something

    you should not get kick by afk kicker if server not full. you dont use any bhop hacks!? the kick made by a mistake or for using hacks.
  2. its_wxyz

    Admin application

    Vote For You. if recruit is open.
  3. its_wxyz

    staff read

    guys is all okay now. just have fun and move on :thumbsup::).
  4. its_wxyz

    staff read

    Hi as you know few days ago i was really tired and said something that i really think it was true. but know, idk, i dont think so. for example 6 months ago i remember marius put more than 1 week adding plugins to server like nomination plugin, change leader plugin, fix store bugs and ... it...
  5. its_wxyz

    Resignation, Im Done.

    Well hi staff and members. idk if you get tired of this client crash that happening every day (at least 1 time at a full server 55-64) but for sure im tired. and im handling over my access, dont want to fill any responsibility any more. and in my opinion marius dont do enough for this server as...
  6. its_wxyz

    Map suggestions

  7. its_wxyz

    Map suggestions

    update on ze_necromanteion_v2_5 ze_necromanteion_v3_1.bsp ze_necromanteion_v3_1.nav
  8. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    1. atos should be replaced by version before the last one (GFL 2 days ago we played old version bcs the last need to be fixed) 2. at sahok i stay back and lasser didnt reach to me
  9. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    ze_surf_sahok last lassers on this map are broken, dont kill anyone, need to fix --- also, ze_atos_v1_3 (latest version) lvl 1 n lvl 2, ramp is broken --- rush b also is not pached --- attention please.
  10. its_wxyz

    I'm away for a while

    well i can say i saw a server that when i go there i mute fucking alot of ppl, even they have 2 leader at same time intrupting each other : ))))) wtf... and yes we have some toxic players, from today i just mute + gag them when they are on rage mode, i dont care if they stay on server or leave.
  11. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    For now, im sure push or pull are so strong on this 2 maps: westersand mist and 1 other thing: this is my second time reporting, rush_b_v1_4 its not patched, so fix or delete the map
  12. its_wxyz

    Map suggestions

    update on ze_onahole_v3_3_3.bsp
  13. its_wxyz

    Event GUC Event No.12

    hi i will participate :)
  14. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    The reason is, most ppl will chose option number 4. but when i see more ppl want to extend map, but really dont know what to do. i ask them a question like this? Should_we_extend_map_15_minutes? 1. Yes,please 2. Nooooo Both times i did it i get more than 60 % Voted yes, and server was ok...
  15. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    ok marius, i got my answer, if we have a chance to beat more lvls or the map and we didnt lose so many players, we make a vote and if players agree to extend like 60 % of players, we make 15 minutes extend
  16. its_wxyz

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    Marius when viktorski was here, if we make a vote for extend, we should get more than 75 % yes (votes for extend) we should still stay 75 % or just 60 % is good?
  17. its_wxyz

    VIRTUS Pica - Helper application

    oh yea i remember you, welcome back noob :p p.s: vesso what i think is, if you back and active you have your old access. (access = activity + trust)
  18. its_wxyz

    EVENT No. 13

    last chapter
  19. its_wxyz

    EVENT No. 12 next saturday (september 15th )

    Marius how much euro server (host) need every month?