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  1. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Zombie Escape I donated 4 euro for vip

    After your VIP expires no, but you can buy skins in store if you want to keep them
  2. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Zombie Escape I donated 4 euro for vip

    Your VIP access is ready
  3. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    GUC logo vote

    Please vote for your favorite logo Macadada Minixo Shiro Wiebe Wild
  4. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    This community is not pro only and no server will ever be since cs:go is full of casual players, i'm pretty sure everyone knows now about warning people before ban, other than that is nothing i can do
  5. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    Alright but eban is a restriction for materia and it was just for 10 minutes...I don't think anyone has a problem with you is just the fact that some players/admins take the game seriously
  6. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Admin Abuse (Maybe more)

    So let me understand, did anyone ban you?
  7. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Map suggestions

  8. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Map suggestions

  9. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Helper application

    Your application has been accepted! please read the rules @Wild if you closed the applications make it official
  10. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Map suggestions

    maps added/ updated ze_cancer_gopnik_escape_v1 ze_jerry_malaka_escape_b1 ze_egyptian_b4
  11. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Membership Application

    Your member access is ready!
  12. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Membership Request

    Your member access is ready!
  13. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Membership request

    Your member access is ready!
  14. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius


    Your member access is ready!
  15. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Map suggestions

    maps added/updated ze_ardeca_revamp ze_ffvii_malgo_reactor_vb2_2f ze_LOTR_Mirkwood_v1_14 ze_misaka_b3_9 ze_omen_090 ze_onahole_v3_3_3 ze_ruinsinchaos_v2beta ze_serpentis_temple_csgo4 ze_shaurma_v3_b07_T5 ze_three_eyes_v0_7
  16. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Helper access

    Your access is ready, please read the rules
  17. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    We already have that set, if someone will make me a list with those maps where is a push problem i can solve it with a plugin..
  18. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Suggestion & Bug Reports

    1.The push is fine 2.I don't see the point to mute admins/leaders 3.Agree with this but wild is already testing the maps before suggesting them 4. report the admin if this is happening 5.That is a Valve default time 6. Default time changed from 15 to 20 7. Fixed 8.Wild is in charge 9.Requests...
  19. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Map suggestions

    Maps added/updated ze_atos_v1f ze_chaos_v7_4f ze_crazykart_b4 ze_dreamin_v2_3 ze_ffvii_malgo_reactor_vb2_0 ze_flowing_b01_fix ze_Knightmare_v1d1_beta ze_monochrome_v1d ze_omen_076 ze_pandora_revolutionz_hdr ze_surf_vortex_v2_6
  20. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius

    Admun application

    Your request has been accepted!