1. Kr3 @ Kr3:
    @1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13, Happy Birthday, Connor!
  2. ♡ Kit【ツ】Cat ♡ @ ♡ Kit【ツ】Cat ♡:
    @1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13, happy birthday i wish you all the best in your life ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Bigmobanana @ Bigmobanana:
    HHB bro
  4. GeT_TaZeD @ GeT_TaZeD:
    Happy birthday connor
  5. 1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13 @ 1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13:
    thanks guys it's so good to hear that
  6. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
    Happy Birthday, Connor!
  7. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
  8. 1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13 @ 1Ɛ>>>Connor<<<13:
    thank you, dark emissary it's so good to talk to you
  9. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
    You're welcome I agree with you :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
  11. I can do noises @ I can do noises:
    Happy Birthday Connor :D
  12. Mrbam @ Mrbam:
    Happy birthday connor❤️
  13. Dixxy @ Dixxy:
  14. Dixxy @ Dixxy:
    how are u?
  15. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
    Dixxy if you have time, see your topic on the forum with your application form, there are many new voices from the community.:emoji_thinking:
  16. Pikoli935 @ Pikoli935:
    hi guys. good night. greetings from Mexico! i watend to ask you. how can i donate to the server. 100 euros, and how is the private skin, i say why i donate i think that 17 euros and now i wated to donate 100 euros but i do leave, so i thought, i would have to wait for it i finished the 90 days or how?
  17. GeT_TaZeD @ GeT_TaZeD:
    You could just pay the rest after it but you need to let Magnerz the owner know
  18. GeT_TaZeD @ GeT_TaZeD:
    Create some sort of thread
  19. ♡ Kit【ツ】Cat ♡ @ ♡ Kit【ツ】Cat ♡:
    @Magnerz pls add puss in boots skin plsssss ❤️❤️❤️
  20. Mrbam @ Mrbam:
    Just donate and let the owner know by making a thread or something