1. ErRoR19 @ ErRoR19:
    Cuz it shows in chat that i need 10,000 more credits to become VIP- Bronze
    yes you can
  3. Magnerz @ Magnerz:
    Yes - when you start as a new player on the server you require 90,000 credits so you're not too far off
  4. M @ Mrbam:
    Is it possible to get member on this account?
  5. Magnerz @ Magnerz:
    @Mrbam, Yes, just go to the link before and apply there. Alternatively just tell me your Steam ID
  6. M @ Meme:
    why are simple mouse macros that come with the mouse software forbidden? i hate to scroll to bhop its much more enjoyable to hold and just strafe
  7. M @ Mrbam:
    I already have member on the server from 2017/2018, just need member on the forums. Here is my steamID STEAM_0:1:126146978
  8. BarcooL @ BarcooL:
  9. Bigmobanana @ Bigmobanana:
  10. D @ Dasch Omen:
    Quite simple. Because there is no physical movement involved and no skill either. Hyperscrolling or using macro is pretty much the same thing. You can easily create a macro that imitates the behavior of hyperscrolling by sending a succesion of commands in a fraction of second. I can make a macro that sends over 60 jumps commands per second with a simple press of a button and i could put it on repeat to this at a fixed pacing of time. Esports scene doesn`t allow it, Overwatch doesn`t allow it.
  11. D @ Dasch Omen:
    I don`t know much about CS GO since i am no longer interested in the game but reddit f words say its VAC bannable in competitive scene. Now it`s up the the server`s policy whether it's allowed or not . Nowdays with this technology it is difficult to abstain yourself from using them since it`s part of the device you are currently using, but it is what it is. In a way it is cheating, you cannot humanly possible send over 30 jumps commands in a second.
  12. its_wxyz @ its_wxyz:
  13. D @ Dasch Omen:
    Maximum number you can send by using the legit way, aka scrolling manually with your finger, is 20 ticks / second, anything above this number is not humanly possible unless hyperscrolling, macro or scripting with 3rd party apps (AHK) . Last time i played there was an anti bhop feature on the server, scan a person and read the report. Numbers speak for themselves.
  14. Burakazn @ Burakazn:
    how can i be vip bronze?
  15. Sandunguero @ Sandunguero:
    @BarcooL u get flagged? It could happen sometimes when you do perfect bhops, but if you get flagged more than once that's not a good signal. Anyways I think it was an error since you are a good server member, so don't worry.
  16. Kr3 @ Kr3:
    @Burakazn, Hello, Burakazn. In order to become vip bronze you either play a lot and gather 90.000 credits or you could donate 7 euro. Have a good day!
  17. Burakazn @ Burakazn:
    ok thx
  18. ErRoR19 @ ErRoR19:
    Now it says i need 9000 more credits to become VIP - Bronze
  19. ErRoR19 @ ErRoR19:
    Can i unlock VIP skins if i am VIP- Bronze? like spiderman, deadpool etc.
  20. Magnerz @ Magnerz:
    Yes, as long as you're at least Bronze VIP you can access the skins.
  21. M @ Mrbam:
    still missing my member on the forum
  22. M @ MyCountryOccupiedByRussia:
    I need unmute beacouse i say only hi and muteme this guy dontlikme ;)
  23. Magnerz @ Magnerz:
    It wasn't me that muted you permanetly but I've just looked and you've got 13 previous mutes so I think you've had it lol.
  24. ErRoR19 @ ErRoR19:
    Thanks Magnerz bro.
  25. Something @ Something:
    the post for a friend taking too serious ze really xD you guys took it seriously xDDDD 4Head 4Head