1. Kdemou @ Kdemou:
    Me banana in my heart too
  2. jessicahaderi @ jessicahaderi:
    Hey guys...I just wanted to say IM REALLY SORRY i havent been active for a while but i have to many exams for now and i have to learn but after i finish i will play all day ^___^
  3. josese985 @ josese985:
    hello people
  4. Empty @ Empty:
    :FailFish omg... :FailFish
  5. Delta Yemeng @ Delta Yemeng:
    @jessicahaderi , it's okay. We will wait for your return. Good luck with your exams.
  6. J @ Juice Swallow:
    can anyone set me member on the server i got accepted
  7. J @ Juice Swallow:
    never mind
  8. jessicahaderi @ jessicahaderi:
    @Delta Yemeng aweee thank you soooo much i wish the best for you guys too ... luv y'all mucho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  9. jessicahaderi @ jessicahaderi:
    Hey guysss...make some noise come onnn chat a little lets have some fun...who can tell me some jokes? :p❤️❤️❤️
  10. Bigmobanana @ Bigmobanana:
    If you want too laugh just go too the guc discord channel they post memes and all other weird stuff
  11. jessicahaderi @ jessicahaderi:
    Nahhh i mean not everyone has discord or is able to go there i just want to have fun with the people here i wanna make em be active u have fun n talk abt stuff and make some friends :)
  12. Empty @ Empty:
    Good idea but with the current new generation (broken) It is impossible to achieve that. There are still old players, but many of them don't play anymore or don't have time for ze and csgo. Generally, I like this great idea, but it's too late for that. I am really sorry but that's what the reality is now.
  13. Empty @ Empty:
    :emoji_cry: RIP :emoji_cry:
  14. Empty @ Empty:
    But you can always try it, maybe something will come of it. idk hard to say.
  15. S @ sammpas:
  16. B @ BAD*GHOST:
    are rank points bugged for anyone else?
  17. Empty @ Empty:
    @BAD*GHOST What do you mean by "are rank points bugged for anyone else?" When it comes to changing accounts and connecting to a new account of the points system, it is possible. but I don't know if that's what you mean, talk to the administrators (like MrBam xD) they for sure quickly will help you in this matter. :D
  18. I can do noises @ I can do noises:
    I guess he means that gameme is not working currently like you don't get points for killing or shooting zombies
  19. B @ BAD*GHOST:
    yeah that's what I meant
  20. Empty @ Empty:
    I see now yes it is not working perfect.