1. C00P3R @ C00P3R:
    when do i get my rank in the server?
  2. Fetus @ Fetus:
    Bought VIP+ two days ago and still didnt receive it
  3. Fetus @ Fetus:
  4. Mickael @ Mickael:
    hi i buy vip+, when i receive it ? :)
  5. Mrbam @ Mrbam:
    Sorry for the lack of communication from our team, you guys should be getting your perks shortly.
  6. Finally277 @ Finally277:
  7. Finally277 @ Finally277:
    I buy vip 4 euro
  8. Mickael @ Mickael:
    @Mrbam, thx mate !
  9. Mickael @ Mickael:
    but i don't get the credits ^^'
  10. Finally277 @ Finally277:
    I bought the vip I still don't have
  11. Finally277 @ Finally277:
    Do you know how much more or less I have to wait?
  12. Mrbam @ Mrbam:
    Our system isn't automatic, however, you should be getting your perks relatively soon.
  13. Finally277 @ Finally277:
    I'm desperate to have the VIP
  14. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
    :NotLikeThis :EleGiggle
  15. Dark Emissary @ Dark Emissary:
    Just be patient I waited patiently for 2 weeks and I got a vip (Dimond) and now I am really satisfied. I recommend VIP DIMOND to everyone because it gives a lot.
  16. Fetus @ Fetus:
    :deIlluminati yes
  17. Fetus @ Fetus:
    VIP diamond very good
  18. tapsa @ tapsa:
  19. tapsa @ tapsa:
    is there demos available from recent maps on the server?
  20. G @ Gloog!:
    how do i member