1. Empty @ Empty:
    Even now, only two players are playing (2/62)
  2. Empty @ Empty:
  3. sv. Jesus Christ @ sv. Jesus Christ:
    Well, I'm also surprised, but when I played it was often a problem to join 60+ players at all and now ... dead ...
  4. Empty @ Empty:
    Because there is a big difference between the old GUC and the new GUC. As if it was the same server and not the same at the same time. GUC is over recommend that you change the game for something better. Coming here you can only get angry, it is really not worth being active here anymore
  5. Empty @ Empty:
    Let just let it die in peace with dignity, and not desecrate it even more. This is the best way to end this.
  6. Empty @ Empty:
    In a month a good shooter (FPS) and RPG game is released, its name is Cyberpunk 2077. I suggest you buy a good game that will last for over 300+ hours and play it than spending meaningless time here.
  7. Empty @ Empty:
  8. sv. Jesus Christ @ sv. Jesus Christ:
    The problem is that I have memories of this server. And also good old players - kitcat, xXx, bhole, jerry banana, nomad, tilgep, ilyas and more. The idea that I will no longer be able to play with this group is quite scary
  9. Empty @ Empty:
    I agree with you 100% but now it's rather too late for anything. Nothing can be done and good players on GUC don't exist anymore. You only have only players that are better not to write about because they will be only negative opinions about them.
  10. Empty @ Empty:
    It is end of this server and community. Sad end but true
  11. Empty @ Empty:
    I think that you should do something like a farewell party and turn everything off here, but I'm just a meaningless player here, although I'm here for 3 years (at the end of 2017 I joined, then the whole 2018, then the whole 2019, and now 2020) and I know how it was sometime (old guc and old times) here and as it is now.
  12. sv. Jesus Christ @ sv. Jesus Christ:
    I don't want to get into the situation somehow, but last night if it was an exception, there were 40 people online, he should have joined
  13. Empty @ Empty:
    I know because sometimes there are still such (exceptions to the rule) situations when there are actually a lot of people and then there were good maps. That's why it was like that.
  14. Empty @ Empty:
    In the evenings there are rather more people but it doesn't always look like that.
  15. Empty @ Empty:
    If you see such a situation, join the server (as soon as possible) and play because these are good opportunities.
  16. Empty @ Empty:
    I didn't have time yesterday, that's why I didn't join the server yesterday. But I really wanted to.
  17. sv. Jesus Christ @ sv. Jesus Christ:
    That's how it usually works everywhere, the best chance of participation is in the evening
  18. Empty @ Empty:
    Yes indeed xd
  19. V @ Valid:
    hello guys it's a mess lol xdd
  20. sv. Jesus Christ @ sv. Jesus Christ:
    hello valid