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Admin Commands

Discussion in 'Surf -=- Store | Rank| Timer' started by ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius, May 25, 2017.

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  1. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius


    Jan 26, 2016
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    Surf Server admin commands
    sm_ckadmin - Displays the ckSurf menu panel
    sm_refreshprofile - Recalculates player profile for given steam id
    sm_resetchallenges - Resets all player challenges (drops table challenges) - requires z flag
    sm_resettimes - Resets all player times (drops table playertimes) - requires z flag
    sm_resetranks - Resets the all player points (drops table playerrank - requires z flag)
    sm_resetmaptimes - Resets player times for given map - requires z flag
    sm_resetplayerchallenges - Resets (won) challenges for given steamid - requires z flag
    sm_resetplayertimes - Resets pro map times (+extrapoints) for given steamid with or without given map - requires z flag
    sm_resetplayermaptime - Resets pro map time for given steamid and map - requires z flag
    sm_deleteproreplay - Deletes pro replay for a given map - requires z flag
    sm_resetextrapoints - Resets given extra points for all players with or without given steamid
    sm_deletecheckpoints - Reset checkpoints on the current map
    sm_insertmaptiers - Insert premade maptier information into the database (ONLY RUN THIS ONCE)
    sm_insertmapzones - Insert premade map zones into the database (ONLY RUN THIS ONCE)
    sm_zones - Opens up the zone creation menu.
    sm_admintitles - Gives a player a title
    sm_admintitle - Gives a player a title
    sm_givetitle - Gives a player a title
    sm_removetitles - Removes player's all titles
    sm_removetitle - Removes specific title from a player

    sm_addmaptier - Changes maps tier
    sm_amt - Changes maps tier
    sm_addspawn - Changes the position !r takes players to
    sm_delspawn - Removes custom !r position
    sm_clearassists - Clears assist points (map progress) from all players
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.