Admin / Helpers - removed from their duty


Jun 19, 2018
pakistan, karachi

I do my job solo as much as i can. I am only responsible for the activities happening in the server. I'm not influenced by any body. Why do i question over this decision, There are alot people who got agreed on this decision. On the other side people are pissed at me like i removed them.I don't have any involvement in the removal. I only report unacceptable things.If you think my mutes and gags or someone else's were wrong, just remove those punishments . If you guys are friends with each other and say what ever you want, I am not supposed to see this as the same perspective as i am not friend with them. As before i said, i take things generally when i'm playing in the server. You guys do your job and let me do my job and kindly don't remove my punishments when they are not even used as an abuse, Everyone knows i never abuse my powers and i don't even like muting/gaging people. I still have respect for everyone after seeing all the hate.

I didn't do anything wrong. You guys took things as jokes but i didn't. From now after all of this big issue and the consideration that i'm doing stuff against you (which is not actually true), I leave everything on admins and senior admins, Do what ever you want, i won't remind anyone what's right and what's wrong. You guys are responsible for your action as always.You guys are responsible when someone is talking to you and you are talking with them saying all those things as jokes or literally. But don't interrupt in my usage of powers until i do something wrong or completely unfair.

Give the powers back to those who are removed or don't. It's your decision. Do what ever you guys want. Use your powers where ever you want. I'm out of this. Now put your anger down and try to stay united after all of this. Pardons to those from my side who got hurt by my actions.I don't have hate towards anyone. PEACE OUT. Thanks.


Jan 5, 2017
, BG
What the actual fuck ?!?!?!?
Joke? Prank? Experiment?
But the people actually got removed ! And none of them thinks this was any kind of fun. Maybe you had to warn Marius about your so called "prank", so he dont waste his time removing/adding admins and stuff(we all know how hes always short on time).
I just dont really know what else to say.
To be honest I think you only say it was a joke, when you saw everyone against you and you are just tryin to get out of this situation clear.
There was this guy Sparta that tried to wake up us before few days.........he lost his access shortly after, so feel free to join him ASAP.

I will continue playing on the server since papa is leaving and help with everything I can, but only as a Senior Admin. I really dont have any time atm to go for Head admin(and I dont really want tbh).
Apr 13, 2017
haha ofc its a joke or prank lets post it in the fucking forum for everyone to see it YAY ITS SO FUN I LOVE IT. For sure you wanted those admins and helpers to be removed but you lost it so yeah FU.


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Jun 21, 2017
Ostan-e Tehran, IR
viktor i like you so much, and i learn alot from you, but this post even a prank was not good.
admins like bigmo or jerry!!! will be removed or downgrade!!! this admins worked here alot, they put their life and money here...

i mean mostly 70 % off this admins you named must be LEGENDS and their names will be on forum, so if in 2019 a new player joined server, knows how GUC ranked up...

so even if this admins are not playing much they must have senior admin (all old access) and instead of senior admin, have
and when ever they join server, if they can, help the server, and giving them more motivation to still be active, not this bad feeling.

if we set up LEGENDS from start, until now we had at least 10.

i know this will not happen but i said it.
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Jul 29, 2017
England, GB
I have no fucking clue why its turned into a warzone, still at least it never turned into the Americans vs the Vietcong's