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- Fixed "Online helpers/admins" not showing helpers
- Added Players track count in scoreboard hud
- Fixed all hitboxes of humans skins (bullet penetration)
- Changed hide to work only by distance
- Added a cooldown on all radio messages (only the leader can use them unlimited times)



- Disabled by default EntWatch HUD
- Reduced to 15% silenced sounds of weapons by default
- Reduced to 10% mapmusic default volume
- Fixed few error problems with databases
- Removed Healthshot
- Fixed an error with an anti-exploit plugin
- Fixed a problem with scoreboard hud
- Reduced to 70 the amount of credits earned with "GUC" clan tag
- 20 credits every 5 minutes
- 100 credits every 5 minutes for vips+
- Increased prices of items
- Players can now type sm_jumps <name> to check players jumps stats
- Fixed a crash issue
- Reworked some advertisements messages
- Fixed an error with lotto
- Fixed an error with store
- From 100,000 to 25,000 credits for vips+
- Different join msg for all VIPs+
- Free VIPs won't anymore get member access
- New perks for start rounds of VIPs+ : 125HP, 150 Armor, $16K
- !colors is now only for Free VIPs Platinum and all VIPs+
- Removed troll tags from store
- VIP+ tag on Discord is available for VIPs+, ask moderators to get it
- Created an exclusive channel on Discord for VIPs+
- !ws, !nametag, !seed is now only for members | !knife stay for everyone
- Grenade skins and Grenade trails only for free vips & VIPs+
- Added more colors inside Name colors and Chat colors in Store
- Colors in chat are now only available for Free VIPs Platinum and VIPs+
- Gift is now limited to 3000 credits max and there is a delay of 15 minutes
- Free VIPs will now get previous accesses of previous ranks (free vip plat will also get free vip silver)
- Modified Free VIPs store rank messages to something more clear
- Setuped private classes for VIPs+ Diamond with skin
- Added more info commands in !helpmenu
- Reworked all store ranks (Free VIP Bronze > Free VIP Silver > Free VIP Gold > Free VIP Platinum)



- Enabled resell of items with a refund ratio of 60%
- Added !member command to view the application post
- Players in the spectator team won't anymore get credits from their VIP+ or "GUC" clan tag to avoid credits farming
- Increased to 75 credits for having "GUC" clan tag
- Increased back to 120 credits for VIPs+



- Added !jackpot command to see current !lotto jackpot
- Fixed an error with the extend plugin
- Fixed a problem with maxrounds/timeleft
- Fixed bugs joining teams/spectator
- Fixed specs bugs
- Added an exploit patch



- Fixed a possible exploit
- Maps can now modify some zr_ commands
- Restricted most of csgo commands to the maps
- Fixed encoding problem of names with store plugin
- Added "ZR: Volume" menu to !settings
- Added "Weapons Menu" to !settings
- Implemented the nomination ban system
- Reverted the position of extend vote to 4th pos



- Fixed bhop cap speed problem
- Removed Level HUD
- Removed Boss/map instructions HUD
- Big cleanup in strippers/mapcountdown/entwatch
- Reworked all map-cfg files



- Implemented small rota/medium rota/full rota
- Fixed entWatch gamedata (sm_etransfer)
- Added !extendsleft command to see the number of extends left for the actual map
- Updated Weapons Skins
- RTV will now change the map at end of round
- Edited CSGO Scoreboard HUD
- Added !countdown command to enable/disable map countdown hud (cookies supported)
- Fixed the flashlight bug on specs



- Fixed last bugs related to the flashlight
- Fixed a problem related to nomban
- Fixed clan tags problems caused by enWatch
- Fixed a problem when player joins spectator with a weapon item (when a player joined spectator, the weapon was disappearing and the player was keeping score and item name in clan tag)
- Fixed a bug related to entWatch on ze_sky_athletic and castle siege map (unable to use multiple times items)
- Fixed hitmarkers not showing during votes
- Fixed scoreboard hud showing when client menu was open
- Fixed end of round rarely being stuck
- Restricted zombie team during the zombie countdown



- Reduced round restart delay to 6 seconds
- Resetted client preferences (cookies)
- Added colors and reworked mute on votes
- Added a cooldown on !voteleader command
- Updated most of the plugins to the new syntax
- Changed some commands accesses
- Fixed cookies of shownames
- Overall optimizations
- Fixed menu sounds
- Added !bosshp and !bhud commands with cookies to enable/disable the bosshud
- Changed bosshp hud visiblity to humans and spectators
- Reworked scoreboard hud plugin
- Changed the minimum of credits needed for the jackpot
- Increased chances rates of !lotto
- Beacon and glow is now enabled by default for leaders
- Added a small alert for !revote command if a player selects a map
- Other changes
Mar 23, 2019

- Fixed !shownames cookies and made it easier to understand
- Added a new boss hitmarker​
- Added top defender
- If there are 20+ players, the top defender gets 25 credits and a crown above their head​
- If there are 45+ players, the top defender get mother zombie immunity the next round as well​
- This only applies to the no. 1 defender​
- Updated !discord command to show the invite link in chat
- Changed the grenade particle to a less intensive one
- Fixed hitboxes on human skins
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