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Oct 6, 2019

Forum Rules

Respect all members of the community. Bullying, racism, personal attacks/threats, harassment, toxicity etc is not tolerated.

No porn, gore or other types of NSFW content.

No revealing of others personal information (name, addresses, pictures, email addresses, IP addresses, non-game-based social media profiles, etc).

No spam content, this includes but is not limited to mass reacting, mass tagging members, mass private messaging.

Wishes harm on yourself or others is strictly prohibited.

You are responsible for your account's actions

No "Thread Bumping" or "Necroposting" of any thread that hasn't been active for several weeks/months.

Advertisements are forbidden (IPs from other servers, personal sites, etc.)

IP grabber, malware, spyware or any other type of malicious links is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban across all of our platforms.

Impersonating another member of the community, staff or otherwise, is prohibited.

You are limited to only one forum account. The use of an alt account (or alternate account) is prohibited. Using an alt account will result in a forum ban on all accounts associated with you.

Bypassing any forum restrictions of any kind will result in additional bans/restrictions or extensions of current bans/restrictions.

All members of the community are expected to report content that may violate our rules. To report content, simply look for the word "
" under the content and click on it. Provide a brief reason for the report and a member of the Moderation Team will review your report.

Please do not create threads attempting to create drama or a flame war with other users or another community, and do not join in with such threads. If you have a tense, delicate or sensitive complaint, contact the staff or use our designated platforms.

All content must be posted in English as it is not possible for us to moderate the forums otherwise.​
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