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Major Bob

Major Bob´s Survival Guide

Ok this guide will show some things that you need to know when you start playing on a zombie escape server (preferably ours ;) )

If there are any things you think that should be added just click on contact and write them to me. Ok lets start.

1.) What weapons should i use?

Actually there are only 2 main weapons that are really usefull for zombie escape:

-> Negev (Very good damage, good zombie pushback, bad reload time, bad mobility, poor accuracy)

-> P90 (Normal damage, normal zombie pushback,good reload time, good mobility, good accuracy)

I personally prefere the P90 because the mobility is very important for bossfights and escaping zombies while shooting them.

The secondary weapon is´nt that important because you´re most likely to drop it for an useable item anyways. (I prefer the Five-Seven)

2.) What should i do?

To win on a zombie escape map you have to survive and the best you can do to survive is to know the map you´re playing on. The zombies are not the only thing that can make yourself a zombie, there are also many traps. The best thing you can do here is to follow the other players and get known to the map. This takes some time but after some games you will see that you have improved.

The most important thing is: listen to the leader. When the leader says "defend", then you have to defend. When the leader says fall back, then you should fall back and so on. It is also very useful to use the command "!stopsound" to mute the guns of the other players so you can actually hear what people say.

Further you should always have an eye on the console. For those of you who dont know what the console is: If you see something like "<ze> Door opens in 20 sec <ze>" in chat, this is a console message.

Ok now a little checklist:

-> Always listen and follow the leader

-> use "!stopsound" to mute other peoples guns

-> Watch your step and know the map

-> Use the knife to walk faster

-> Either use the Negev or the PP-Bizon

-> dont become a zombie :)


Люди давайте уже как нибуть соберёмся и толпой сыграем на этом зомби моде, может уже хватит ему простаивать без дела я предлагаю собраться 28.08.10 в 20:00 кто хочет пишите сдесь, чем больше народу зайдёт тем лучше.
Zombie Escape будет полным

Наш сервер и так полный в 20 00 ....... зачем собираться ? и ето инглиш говорящий сервер , тебя тут не поймут без гугл переводчика

Delta Yemeng

Mar 23, 2019
Good tutorial, but with a gun selection I'm not agree.
It's all about personal performance and different situations require different types of weapons. Those guns, that you've recommended to use can be efficient, but not in all situations. For example on longer distances they're not so efficient and require from a shooter special skills. Also on longer distances bizon and negev has lower DPS (Damage Per Second) and accuracy.


thats a post back from 2016 lol