GUC Event No.12


GUC Zombie Escape event no. 7
Map: ze_serpentis_temple_csgo2
Day: Saturday 01 December 2018
Hour:18:00 Munich time
Check your local time:
The leader gets VIP Diamond if the map is finished
First place in the scoreboard VIP Platinum+500k credits+private chat tag
Second place in the scoreboard VIP GOLD+300k credits+private chat tag
Third place in the scoreboard VIP Silver+ 100k credits+private chat tag
Top Defender VIP Platinum+200k credits+private chat tag

  1. The leader can be a spectator during the event
  2. The winners have to post the screenshots on the forum new thread "Event Winners" will be created after the event
  3. Any players talking over the leader will be punished by admins
Good Luck!