[GUC] Zombie Escape Server Rules

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Oct 6, 2019

[GUC] Zombie Escape Server Rules

A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.
If you feel that staff members are abusing their powers, please gather evidence and post a staff report

Global rules

Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community or the server will result in a permanent ban.

Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.

Do not complain about staffing decisions in-game or in discord chat. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums.

Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.

Server rules

No ghosting.

Do not spam in any way

Do not abuse the !report command

English on voice chat.
You can speak whatever language you want in the chat

Don't be disrespectful.
(sexism and prejudicial remarks) is not permitted
Do not use excessive inappropriate language such as constant swearing or foul language in general.

Client-Side Modification (hacking)
Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes but isn't limited to: hacks and scripts.

Purposely abusing unintentional game features is prohibited.

Advertisements are forbidden
(IPs from other servers, personal sites, etc.)

Do not leave the server if you are the only mother zombie.
Upon leaving the server someone else will become a zombie, he/she will spawn as a mother zombie right in the middle of the crowd and this will affect the gameplay.

Do not grief.
This includes but is not limited to helping zombies on purpose to gain an advantage over humans by breaking defense spots on purpose ( doors, boxes, soda machines, and barricades), using special items to get your teammates killed or preventing them from advancing any further, blocking the access to certain objects/items/parts of the map (doors, buttons, special items, vents, etc)

Do not zombie inflate.
You are not allowed to become a zombie intentionally by letting yourself be knifed before the round even starts or during the round in order to ruin the game of the others.

Do not edge.
Edging means staying close to the entrance/doors/windows or at the end of a platform leaving yourself vulnerable to the zombies so they could infect you, upon infection, you`ll most likely start a chain reaction of infections.

Do not be a friendly zombie.
As a zombie your only goal is to spread the disease, the virus which runs deep in your blood, only way of doing that is by catching and infecting the other humans.

Do not pick up special items if you have no intention of using them.
Special items also known as "materials" are map specific items which are meant to be used for aiding your team in order to beat the map. Picking special items is a responsibility, your team relies on you to use the special items properly. DO NOT pick up the item only to wear it as a fashion accessory.

Do not hide or throw map items in an inaccessible place.
Do not pick up special items and hide them from your team.
Do not drop special items in places or spots such as lava, from high heights, spots which normally would get you killed or teleported someplace else.

Do not delay rounds on purpose.
This includes but is not limited to running, hiding or staying on unreachable spots when you are the only human left without being possible of winning the map by yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Is spamming Lenny faces considered spamming ➜ Yes as you are spamming the same message over and over again.

Are voice changers allowed on the server ➜ Yes, as long as you don’t ear rape and limit the amount of seconds it’s enabled.

What will happen if I make a !report by mistake ➜ Nothing, as long as we trust that it was by mistake.

Are you allowed to AFK on the server ➜ Yes you are allowed to AFK on the server, the AFK system/staff members might kick you if the server is full. ( You are not allowed to exploit the AFK system)

Do you need to listen to the leader ➜ No, however it is recommended if you want to win.

Can the !leader order the staff to mute somebody ➜ Well, it depends, if we see that there is no bias in the picture and that he is talking over the leader occasionally than yes.

Are you allowed to rename yourself to @me @all @ct @t etc ➜ No

Are you allowed to play music on the server? ➜ Yes, if you ask the staff member and he/she gives you permission to do so
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