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Feb 11, 2018

For how long are you playing Zombie Escape? - ive been playing Zombie Escape sinds css i think about 7 years or more but took a long brake.

What do you think about the community? - I think the community is great the people are nice to each other people help each other out. And i think the staff is great they help you when you need help they are calm and nice and they take there time to help you whit your problem or whit what ever you need help whit

Why do you want to become a Helper ? - I've been a helper before but i took a long brake cuz of some irl stuff. but whas thinking about making a Helper application for a little time now and i thought this whas time to just make a application for it. I want to help the people in game i want to help them out and give them a nice
experience on the server whit out problems and there is not always a admin or helper on the server and i almost play every map.

(Optional) Your favorite thing in this life ? - my pup
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