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Mar 23, 2019
Nickname: Delta_Yemeng
Steam_ID: STEAM_0:0:156737113
Age: 18
For how long are you playing Zombie Escape?
I'm playing on zombie mod about 6 years if count cs1.6 and css. On csgo there are about 3 years. I caught myself thinking that csgo I have only for Zombie Mode.

What do you think about the community?
Great community. It's a pleasure to play with and be part of it. The gameplay isn't boring and with a good, motivated and friendly leaders map walkthrough becomes more interesting. There is an appearing feeling of a good close-knit team and you are part of it. Everyone is unique and sometimes time spending online really uplifting. It's not really too much to say about it. Just a community with good people.

Why do you want to become a Helper?
There are some problems that are appearing while administrative team is offline, for example, spam or leading difficulties. I want to become a helper to solve those problems. As I mentioned in my member application I already have been a moderator and have 2 years' experients and the reason why I lost this status is that the server was closed. I found that it's better when on the server are few administrators or moderators and they are cooperating with ich other.
About leading skills and leaders. For me, it is not a problem and I can handle it. In-game as in real life I take the leade and the reason for that is a simple thing: if you want to make something good-lead the process. The only problem that may appear is the map knowledge, but it for the first time, because it's not so difficult to adapt and to use environments for your purposes. I am not leading to much on the server, but I want to make the leading process easier and if there will be no one who is burning to lead ill take the leading.

(Optional) Your favorite thing in this life?



Oct 6, 2019
I haven't gotten to know you that well, however, you seem like a friendly player
Been playing the game mode for a long time so he probably knows the majority of the maps
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