Member Application

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Jun 2, 2019
  • Nickname: Kappoochino ☁
  • Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:116509469
  • Age: 21
  • Country: Poland
  • How long you've been playing on our server: I've been playing for a long time
  • Are you interested in helping to develop the community: Yes, of course.
  • Do you have knowledge in sourcepawn/sourcemod/photoshop/mapping/developing or manage forums? : Yes, I have a very big experience
  • Are you planning to apply for a moderator/super-moderator position on this forum? : Yes, maybe soon.
  • Why do you want to become a member : I really like the server and I play on the server, I would like to join a member.
  • And a little joke (optional): What does the gypsy doing in the Subaru salon do? He is starting the party.
Not open for further replies.