Members application for GUC

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Apr 14, 2019
  • Nickname
  • TronasLTU (or Tron for short)
  • Steam_ID
  • STEAM_1:1:51650889
  • Age
  • 20
  • Country
  • England ( Originally from Lithuania)
  • How long you've been playing on our server
  • Almost a week
  • Are you interested in helping to develop the community
  • Yes, but as i see it as of currently, the community is pretty much amazing, nice people, supportive, people get along well without much toxicity at all (probably the least toxic server I played on in ages), many problems have been dealt with accordingly and on-time and I would like to be part of this team and continue to do whats the best for the community as all the other members have and are still doing.
  • Do you have knowledge in sourcepawn/sourcemod/photoshop/mapping/developing or manage forums?
  • No, but i used to manage forums a few years back when I was a co-owner of a Gmod RP server which is no longer running.
  • Are you planning to apply for a moderator/super-moderator position on this forum?
  • If the team is willing to accept me and there's a shortage of staff or mods+ are busy IRL then I would be more than happy to apply.
  • Why do you want to become a member
  • I wanted to become a member because while playing GUC csgo zombie escape there was a chat for ''!color'' and it said its for members, and I like to stand out in the crowd and have my own colour :grinning: but after playing for a few other days i thought i might apply for a member mostly because of the community as it's fun to play and this was my 1st ever time playing zombie escape and i loved it, i tried a few other servers but nothing beats GUC from my experience.
  • And a little joke (optional)
  • This joke is a 2 part joke. person 1 is going to be ''A'' and person 2 is going to be ''B''.
  • A- Why did the chicken cross the road? B- Why? A- To get to the idiots house. (grasshopper sound effect in the background for awkward silence)
  • A- Knock knock B- Who's there? A- The Chicken B- The chicken who? A- The chicken that crossed the road to get to the idiots house! :joy::joy::joy::laughing: (comedy gold!) (i know it's not xD)
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