Denied My friend neglects me

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Sep 10, 2019
My friends name is: KlingelKeks. He is a very active player on youre Server.
The Problem is, he is not playing with me. He just want to play Zombies and if you ask him if he wants to play casual, competitive or something else he doesnt agree.
He is addicted to zombies and neglects all our friends because he does not want to play with us.
If he would choose play with our friends or zombies, he would take zombies.
So i dont know, maybe you can give him a ban for a time so he gets himself.

I would be super happy if you would do something because i do not know what to do.

With best regards

Nemation (Nemanja Maricic)


Apr 13, 2019
If your friend is addicted to ZombieEscape and rather wants to play that instead of with you guys; there is a underlining issue that you haven't noticed. Try to search for what reason he rather wants to play that and instead of with you guys. It could just be as simple he just prefers playing ZE (ZombieEscape) because he simply doesn't find casual CS GO entertaining. I share this with my friends that I know and hang out with, they hate CSGO and ZombieEscape while I enjoy them a lot. Yet I speak to them every day and make sure our connection and relationship is good.

He can also have become depressed and just wants to have something that fills that emptiness that he caries. Could just be you guys are drifting apart from eachother which friends do sometimes. I think I speak for the server when I say that we can't ban someone for enjoying the server and having fun. We can't control him as the server is just for entertainment and friendship yet however all we can say to him is to prioritize what is important in life and what he does next is up to him. Be also more chill with your friend as if he sees this he can flip out as I once had friend which was suicidal and severely depressed, be understanding and maybe just try to share his joy on the server.


We cant ban a guy for no reason! If he wants to play on our zombie server , then let him play... There are a lot of people who dont play competitive game modes cause they are boring / not fun / many other reasons....
I myself didnt play competitive modes since 2015 ( they are not fun for me!). Thats up to you to convince your friend to come play with you!
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