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Oct 6, 2019

Staff report information

Welcome to the staff report section. We'd like to apologize for any abuse that may have occurred somewhere in our community and would love to solve it in order to further better your experience here


This section is for reports of inappropriate and/or abusive conduct by members of staff.

Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to: breaking server rules, harassment, leaking, insulting players/other staff members and abuse of power.

You may only comment on staff reports only if you are the accusing player or a witness/someone who is directly involved in the situation being reported. Members of staff may comment on the staff report with input and opinions if they see fit

Fabricating and tampering with evidence with intent to mislead may lead to a permanent ban.

spam/pointless replies will be deleted

You must use the format provided below. Failure to do so may result in your report getting dismissed.

Your in-game name:

Staff members name:

Explain what happened:

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required):​
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