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removal of non voice leaders #admins

Discussion in 'Admin room servers discussions' started by Clemens, Feb 15, 2017.

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  1. Clemens


    Oct 31, 2016
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    first of all i want to record that since some days ago, there hasnt passed a day on which you havent pissed off a person of this community, also including me
    ok, i was told you are a good person and you only got stress/pressure, whatever i kept that in mind
    annie held good words about you
    but it seems you are on some kind of mad marathon and now the line was crossed, i held back pretty hard but thats it^^

    so, as the "rule" would be to be an ingame leader as admin, the experience from the server is very different and shows anothe picture and thats good because leading a team is not as easy as some person may think
    and there are ingame leaders needed i agree but also its very very helpful when there are more admins helping mute, explain, warn etc. etc. etc ; even they do not lead the team

    i dont know whats the deal that you are recently so angry etc. but as the highest authority i would say its your burden and your responsibility to keep cool
    for that you should have 3 headadmins staying on your side (2 now), who were appointed by you
    but instead of letting you help you give them a hard time lol
    without agreement or information of your headadmins you go head on with some admins in the shoutbox, aiming to throw them out (letting the fact beside the day before i have heard you 1. time using your mic)
    thats the point when i say "stop"

    this is not about some admins who do not use their voice, its about how you do and "solve" things

    you like an admin nice, voice chat, responsible, leading quality and so on
    and thats a good thing that you like that
    but that kind is hard to get i tell you that

    Here the deal:

    -admin: all things and responsibilities like they were before, no voice chat obligatory, nor leading
    -admin+lead: regular admin +the ability to lead a team, it is not obligatory that you lead if you dont like to !

    2 types of admins like that, important that you do not need to lead when you are online because it can be pointless with some team.. , you are not in the mood to lead... and so on
    leading when you are on the server is NO must

    +no chaos in leading team because there arent actually too many capable of leading
    +the other ones can focus on mute and stuff while the other 1 is leading
    +a clear structure

    the difference of this 2 can be given to 1-3 different skins, i dont mind, 1 for the lead admins would be quite cool

    fun should always be in the foreground but recently that has changed quite a bit as the 1 or other told me

    ppl dont play the server because of the serversettings, they play it for fun and the people ! after that come the serversettings, on the very end, on the very end !
    i am exception here because i am a tryhard^^
    nevertheless i would not play if there wouldnt be cool people arround


    -no admin discussions in shoutbox or in public chat on server
    -when you got something vs an admin or think about adminstuff, please also contact your, now only 1 remaining... headadmin

    yes and this is serious, when you dont start acting like a leader and respect the people arround you + dont take everything so damm serious and personal, you may wonder how many gonna leave here and as i was told, you maybe dont really care, i am excited if thats true

    as i reached some admins in that short period of time and i am able to speak with people
    5/5 including me would welcome the idea of the 2 admin system and are against the "must lead in voice"
    that are the ones i reached in that short time

    nobody wants to lead because he has to
    i do that because i can and i like to, wont do it because i have to

    also : everyone that i wrote with, knows you are under stress etc. and was like sympathetic about you, notable annie, who held very good words of you (today not included)

    lets see what you think of your admins
    this post is for sick aka marius
  2. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius


    Jan 26, 2016
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    I appreciate your post and the work you've done for the server and a really like you as an admin, but please stop telling the other admins to quit too as you did with some of them on steam, so far you are trying to destroy the server and the admin team. I can make an exception for Annie as she can come back as a normal admin, i can't forget what she done for the server. First of all she asked me to remove her access, it wasn't my choice so please stop making a drama of this, i know you like her as a girl but don't get involved in this because your hormones are telling you to. And please stop arguing with me, I've done and said nothing wrong to you, idk what is your problem with me.
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