Denied Senior Admin Application

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Feb 14, 2017
Bucuresti, RO
In-Game Name: The Detective

Discord Name ID : ℜ' #1839

First Name (Optional): Mrbam's mentor

Age: 19

Location/Timezone: Romania (GMT+2)

Write a brief background about yourself so we can get to know you better: Im a ze pro player, sometimes i win maps, sometimes i let hugo solo by defending him

Any previous VAC bans: No

Any previous server bans: Kdemou banned me for 1 min( always aboosing me)

Do you have any administrative experience: Well i was admin on this server before for almost 1 year or more. I think i have enough experience ( i joined this community in 2017)

Why do you want to be a part of the staff team: I wanna use admun powers when its cancer on the server, extend maps when we need

What would you say your greatest strength is: I can use my powers on everyone that break the rules

What would you say your greatest weakness is: As i said sometimes kdemou is my weakness but i still love him <3

Other: !blame jerry when you lose the round


Oct 6, 2019
Hey The Detective, thank you for showing interest in joining our staff team.

ALL applications are reviewed in our monthly staff meeting unless the demand for staff is high. Therefore it might take anywhere from 1 day to 30 days to be accepted/denied depending on when the staff meeting is set. Normally we strive to keep the staff meetings close to the end of the months, however, it may fluctuate. Please also remember that bothering staff about your application is against the rules and depending on the staff member, may result in instant denial.

Anyone may now post, and give their thoughts using the following format:

+1 / – Meaning you support the application and person applying. Typically, you would want to mention things or events that you believe qualify them for staff.

+0 / – Meaning you are neutral on the application. You can simply post this without additional commentary, or you may add comments or questions to the post.

-1 – Meaning you oppose the application. Typically, you would want to mention things that you believe would disqualify the person for staff, or things you believe they should improve on.

If you are posting on an application, we ask that all of your commentary is said with respect. If you disagree or have problems with a user, we expect you to at least remain civil. If your application is receiving posts, please don’t take any criticism as an insult. Take the comments constructively, and work to address and improve issues that are mentioned.

Individuals that frequently disrespect applicants will be disciplined, and individuals that frequently and positively contribute will be rewarded.

Good luck and kind regards from the staff team.



ZE Admin
Nov 1, 2019
He is again active and he can help me muting/gaging/banning.
He knows alot of maps and commands to use on spammers or people who troll etc.
A really nice guy.


Staff member
Mar 28, 2017
United Kingdom
Your application has been declined this time. Please try again in future.
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