SUGGESTIONS for the server...

Dec 18, 2017
Some of this suggestion were mentioned by other people BUT THEY JUST GET IGNORED.....

1) Every week on saturday at 18 00 munich time we have an event for try hard map no matter what type of people or how much we have! ( numbers wont be a problem for a while i hope )
- creating list on forum with all the tryhard maps/ regular maps for events , where people can select/ vote for
map that they want to play
- if you win the event you get 40k - credits
- if you dont win the event but still participate during the event ( not being afk or spec ) , you get
5000 credits ( negotiable )
- i dont know if possible but creating some sort of bot to give out those participation credits...
( this way we bring some good ze tryharders to the server / new players resulting in a balance which gives it possible chance to win the map)

2) Having fun hour a day or at least each 2 days not only for credits but for maps too. If you played on the server with Pica then you would know what i mean ( check axonek videos for more)....

3) Not banning / muting/ gagging tryharders when they join on our server to win/ play the map ( only if they break rules then we can punish them according to RULES )

4) Having a tryhard hour each day where we tryahard/ learn some specific maps ( it can be used as learning /preparation for event on saturday or just beating the map )

5) Having a map testing hour or day every week if need it ( i see all the time mappers communicate with servers and test maps on them , crediting them after in their maps thus resulting in promotion of a server, why cant we DO it too? ) I translated map pipeline to english and as my name i didnt put "Wild banan" but i put "GUC admin WIld" thus resulting in some kind of a boost to our server! Dont you think ? I see this map on all other servers that i have been to...... and when i joined once some people really asked if it is me who translated the map *lol*

6) Just having fun on the server but also not forgetting about tryharding maps as there is no fun then / that feeling of finally beating map that no other server managed to do!!! ( like on 666 crazy )

7) NOT always playing SAME old maps every single day ( i know that some of them are good but come on . there so many new good maps on the internet / gamebanana / other servers/forums from small mappers like me , and i wonder sometimes why they dont upload it to gamebanana or similar website ) Like yesterday tryharding Totemo Roka with 55 players ( today with 60) while some players / admins saying dont vote for it its shit , we will loose players (something among those lines

I think thats all for now ( i forgot some things i wanted to mention but its ok as it is now i think)
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Jun 19, 2018
pakistan, karachi
All of these suggestions are very good, If we follow it without breaks, The server will have more players in the time where there are less players.
Dec 18, 2017
We have event coming up this saturday ( best korea) so thats why i dont create another event yet... After the event ill post new event for next saturday... ( and it will be decided quickly , 1 - 2 days max not like event for korea)